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How therapy works

Therapy usually takes place once a week and during that time clients learn new ways to deal and cope with the situation at hand. Also, they learn new techniques that can be practiced outside of the therapy room. That is a very important element as people believe that their problems are out of their control, and thus their feelings perpetuate their behaviours. However, emotions and behaviours are closely correlated, and so in order to break the vicious cycle something needs to change. Thus, by disrupting the daily/habitual behaviours, we also alter the way we feel. That is why, assigned behavioural tasks must be appropriate and suitable for the specific issue, safe, relevant and manageable. As therapists we need to listen to the needs and individuality of our clients and be creative and come up with ideas that work for them specifically. As the tasks will continue outside of the therapy room, they need to be in accordance with the client's preferences, abilities and level of progression in relation to therapy. Also, the tasks need to be practical and applicable to the outside world.


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