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''Since I started working with Christina, I have managed to change my attitude towards myself and my surroundings. Apart from creating together a plan that meets my needs and expectations in life, I have also learned how to deal with various situations, while maintaining focus towards my goals. I am really happy to have found someone that supports and believes in me every step of the way''. Anna A.

''What I love about Christina's approach is the mindful aspect that she incorporates. She helped me start believing in me and finding my true path. I look forward to our continuing relationship''. Deborah O.

''I found Christina when I relocated in Montreal from Europe, as I was looking for someone that would understand my cultural background. From our first session, she made me think about what I want to do in life and together we structured my goals in a way that kept me focused and motivated in a time in my life where I was lost. Thank you Christina''. Janine H.  

"Working with Christina was incredible, as I found her and her approach to be compassionate, yet when needed straight forward and tough.  The whole process was cathartic and profoundly helpful, as she was asking the right and sometimes hard questions. She was extremely encouraging, supportive and understanding''. Sam P.


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