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What is happiness?

We all search the key to happiness and a sense of well-being that will bring joy and positive emotions to our lives. But what is subjective well-being? Subjective well-being is the evaluation of one’s life in terms of satisfaction. The key though is different for everyone. Some people see money as a source of happiness and a sense of subjective well-being, especially in Western counties like the United States, while others value the eudemonic approach and focus more on the positive relationships with others.

No matter what is the thing that brings joy to each one individually, there are some basic factors that are involved in happiness and a sense of well-being.

Well-being is more dependent on the experiences we have or we create for ourselves, and that is because they are open to positive reinterpretation. Moreover, experiences may be a more meaningful part of identity and thus contribute to more successful social relationships as well. Another factor that is related to well-being is the ability to pursue our goals. Putting a goal and succeeding it, raises a sense of well-being. Also, the ability to withdraw from unattainable goals and switch to goals that are attainable can lead to effective self-regulation.

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