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Hypnosis and Self-hypnosis

Hypnosis comes from within, as it is a process that happens internally. People are in control, allowing their minds to follow or react to various suggestions from the therapist. Thus, in a way hypnosis, with a little guidance from the therapist, is self-hypnosis.

Self-hypnosis is like a custom-made toolbox that anyone can open and use the right tool. It can be practiced day-in and day-out, which enhances self-mastery. Self-hypnosis helps people cope with stressful situations and teaches them how to deal with various challenging events, setbacks and relapses. It can be done almost anywhere and over a lifetime.

Self-hypnosis techniques involve suggestions, imagination and concentration. They also help individuals stabilize their heartbeat, relax and maintain slow, deep controlled breathing. A person can start by sitting or lying down comfortably in a quiet space. Then slowly starts by focusing on different parts of the body, relaxing the breath and imagining a space or a place that creates relaxation. This technique can be used for stress management and relaxation, improves self-efficacy and awareness, increases concentration and focus, and teaches the body to become aware and respond to verbal cues.

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